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Wedding Flowers Decorations

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Wedding Desserts


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Wedding Desserts?

Wedding desserts encompass a diverse array of sweet treats beyond the traditional wedding cake, offering couples an opportunity to cater to varying tastes and preferences. While the wedding cake stands as a symbol of the celebration, wedding desserts often provide a more versatile and customizable option to complement the main confection.


These desserts can range from petite pastries like macarons and cupcakes to decadent options such as chocolate truffles and miniature cheesecakes.


Unlike the focal point of a wedding cake, wedding desserts allow for creativity in presentation, enabling couples to create visually stunning displays or personalized dessert bars that cater to their guests' desires.


By incorporating an assortment of desserts alongside or in lieu of a traditional cake, couples can enhance the overall culinary experience of their wedding festivities, ensuring that there's something sweet for everyone to enjoy.

Wedding Dessert Options

  • Mini Cannoli

  • Mini Cream Puffs

  • Mini Eclairs

  • Mini Baklava

  • Lemon Bars (2 in x 2 in)

  • Key Lime Pie Bars (2 in x 2 in)

  • Mini Cheesecake Squares (2 in x 2 in)

    • Flavors: Plain, Oreo, Turtle, Chocolate Fudge

    • Plain Toppings: Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Chocolate Ganache, Caramel

Wedding Desserts

Wedding Dessert Gallery

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